Healthy Food 4 Me

healthyfood4me. (we serve health)

healthyfood4me is exporter of Edible Oils and Cooking Fats in the region with deep knowledge of range of products and packaging to cater to the varied needs of the consumer/industrial demands.

Our range of products for Edible Oils/Cooking Fats consists of Refined Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Canola Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil and Olive oil. In addition to mentioned products, we are also involved in the business of Table Olives, Balsamic vinegar, Butter and Ghee from different originations of United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Ukraine, United States and Malaysia.

The company's range of clients is extensive as it encompasses local food industries such as confectionery factories, fast food corporations, dairy industry, bottling industry and a host of other businesses. Our overseas markets presently have commenced exports to Middle East countries and have received enquiries from Eastern European developing countries.

Since the company has its roots in most prestige port of region Jebel Ali Free Zone with import/export logistics related partners, we are in a strong position to provide smooth and complete operational support to our clients via fast delivery and maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Serving healthy food is our passion and commitment that propels us to continuously strive to do better for our customers by meeting or exceeding all requirements and expectations while maintaining quality and healthiness of products.